We are here to
help your
business thrive

CREST Associates provide core business consultancy services that help our clients – be they a start up or a well-established organisation – realise their strategic objectives.

Focus on value

We focus only on those core consulting services that we feel can add real value to our clients’ businesses. Think of us as an extra pair of helping hands, working towards the same goal as the client.

Industry agnostic

We have operational and consulting experience across several industries, including retail, food & beverage, leisure and corporate real estate within both the private and the public sector. This wide-ranging experience gives us the tools to tackle consulting assignments across the spectrum.

The helpful services

We help both private and public sector
organisations within three key stages.


You may have a new business idea or want to deliver a large scale project within an existing organisation. Irrespective of the type, conducting a thorough due diligence is always the first step to take.

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Once the strategic plans have been developed, it is time to secure the necessary approvals and/or funding to get you started.

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Your strategic plans have been signed off and the funding is in place. You are now ready to deliver your project.

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A little intro

CREST Associates Ltd was founded in 2019 by Harri Jaaskelainen who has more than 10 years business strategy consulting experience from leading global advisory firms within food & beverage, retail and corporate real estate industries.


In that time Harri has worked on both private and public sector projects across the UK and mainland Europe. Some of his clients include MasterCard, Morgan Stanley, Legal & General, M&G, UK Department for Work & Pensions, Police Service Northern Ireland and ICAEW.


Our simple mission is to use our expertise to support our clients’ core business functions that in turn help their organisation succeed. As they succeed, that creates a positive knock on effect on the economy at large.